Laser cutting & engraving

Need something laser cut/engraved? Easteks offers laser cutting and engraving services that are both fast and reliable! Got a full fledged design? Or even just an idea? We would love to tackle your project!


  • Laser cut up to 3/8" acrylic or wood
  • Accurate laser engraving on most non metal materials
  • Engraving on anodized aluminum
  • 3d/2d modeling
  • CAD modeling
  • 60w CO2 laser
  • Projects as big as 500mm x 700mm (19.5" x 27.5")
  • Fast turnaround 

If you aren't familiar with CAD, or are unable to make your own files, we are more than happy to make a CAD file for you from a sketch. However if you have a design or file, don't hesitate to submit that via email or through the quote request form. Any 2d image or vector is accepted, as well as any STEP, stl, or solidworks file is accepted.